TA Training Practicum : UCLA D|MA 23 : Fall 06

TAC: Sue Huang, Faculty Advisor: Victoria Vesna


UCLA D|MA 495, Fall 2006
Course: Teaching Assistant Training Practicum
TA Counselor: Sue Huang (huangs -at- ucla -dot- edu)
Faculty Advisor: Victoria Vesna

Time: F 10:00 am – 11:50 am
Location: Broad 2101
Class website: http://classes.design.ucla.edu/Fall06/495


This seminar is designed to provide an overview of Departmental and University policies, regulations and resources to new Graduate Students. The course aims to emphasize teaching practices and problem solving at a college level, providing new TA's with the fundamentals required for their teaching experience in the department of Design | Media arts. S/U grading.

Week 01 - Sept 29
Introducing Basics of TAing

- What will be covered during this course?
- What are the roles and responsibilities of the TA?
- What are the some key university policies, rules and regulations, and informal guidelines for TAships?
- What are the department expectations for the TA?
- What are typical activities of TAs in our department? (non-exclusive)
- Why is it important to TA? Why teach?
- What are your TA resources in the department and on campus?

Week 02 - Oct 6
Administering and Facilitating the Classroom

- What happens the first day of a class? What sorts of things should be taken care of beforehand?
- How do you set the grounds for a good quarter? How do you facilitate good relationships?
- How do you prepare a good syllabus? Why is a good syllabus important?
- How do you administer the class server space? Why is it important to use this?
Workshop #1 - Using MyUCLA (10:45 - 11:15)
Workshop #2 - Accessing Class Server Space
WinSCP (for Windows) or Fugu (for Mac) (11:15 - 11:30)
Tour #1 - General DMA Facilities (with Maroun) (11:30 - 11:50)

* Bring your laptop today if you have one

Week 03 - Oct 13

- Why is it important to give a good lecture or presentation?
- What are the elements of a good presentation?
- Are there elements that are more helpful for technical presentations?
- What presentation software are available?
Exercise #1 - Microteaching I - Giving Presentations

Week 04 - Oct 20

- What kind of classes require critique?
- Why is learning how to give good critique important for our department?
- How can you get other students involved through a good critique?
- What is a good critique? What is not?
Exercise #2 - Microteaching II - Giving Critique

Week 05 - Oct 27
Using Department Facilities and Resources

- What kind of facilities are available for different types of DMA classes? What do the undergraduates usually use?
- What to do if there are no in-house facilities?
Tour #2 - Using the Labs and DMA Servers (Alan and Help Desk person) (10:30 - 11:15)
Tour #3 - Using Woodshop (Dawn) (11:15 - 11:50)

Week 06 - Nov 3
Undergraduate Panel

- What kinds of TAs have been helpful for you?
- What kinds of TAs have not been so helpful?
- What do you wish more TAs had done in some classes?
- What would you like to see more of in the future?

Week 07 - Nov 10
Holiday - No Class

Week 08 - Nov 17
Using Technology for the Classroom (Optional)

Workshop #3 - Basic HTML and CSS
- How do I get started making a website?
- What kind of software do I need?
- What do I need to learn?

Download the Workshop #3 PDF here

* Meet at labs today.

Week 09 - Nov 24
Holiday - No Class

Week 10 - Dec 1
Using Technology for the Classroom continued... (Optional)

Workshop #4 - Basic Video and DVD
- What kind of software do I need?
- How do I get started capturing and editing video?
- What are the right settings to use?

Download the Workshop #4 PDF here

* Meet at labs today.

Week 11 - Dec 8
Putting Together a Good Syllabus

Exercise #3 - Creating a Syllabus
- Before the class, please prepare 5 copies of a syllabus for a 10-week course on a topic related to our field of study.