EDA room 1250, at the Broad
Professor Victoria Vesna, Ph.D.
NANO exhibition

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Class Description
Art, Science & Technology is an introductory course that explores how communication technologies are driving new forms of art and science. It broadly surveys scientific and technological innovations in relation to the historical context and looks at how technology is used in innovative ways in the arts inspired by the sciences.

The class is designed for students of all disciplines, including the non-declared, with a goal to inspire students to think outside of the box, explore divergent and convergent thought and seek out knowledge and inspiration from many different disciplines as well as encourage collaboration with their peers. The intent is to show that scientists describe their moments of discovery in similar terms as artists do about their creative breakthroughs and that, fundamentally, both grapple with identical questions of the nature of reality. Students also will be introduced to the world-class research conducted on this campus and will be encouraged to visit artists' studios and scientists' laboratories.

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