UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts
Desma 10 | Design Culture - an Introduction
Professor Erkki Huhtamo
T.A. s Olga Balema, Lisa Bouti, Madeleine Gallagher, Anne Mc Caddon, Jean Murachanian
Fall Quarter 2008


ATTENTION: The required textbook (John Heskett: Industrial Design. London: Thames & Hudson, 2001) should be read by/for the midterm.

Meeting 1 (Sep. 26)

Readings: No

Meeting 2 (Oct. 3)

1) John Heskett: “What is Design?”, from Heskett: Toothpicks and Logos. Design in Everyday Life. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002, pp.1-11;

2) Victor Papanek: “What is Design? A Definition of the Function Complex”, from Papanek: Design for the Real World, Chicago:Academy Chicago Publishers, 2000 [1985], pp. 3-27.

Meeting 3 (Oct. 10)

Erkki Huhtamo: "From Cybernation to Interaction: A Contribution to an Archaeology of Interactivity", The Digital Dialectic. New Essays on New Media, ed. Peter Lunenfeld, Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 1999, pp. 96-110, 250-256.

Meeting 4 (Oct. 17)

Erkki Huhtamo: Semiotics Handout (available on the class website)

Meeting 5 (Oct. 24)

Erkki Huhtamo: "Gigantological Investigations", excerpts. Will be published in Interface Aesthetics (Nai Publishers, 2009) @ Erkki Huhtamo 2008.

Meeting 6 (Oct. 31)
Naomi Klein: "New Branded World," from NO LOGO, London, New York and Toronto: Harper Perennial, 2001, pp.2-26.

Meeting 7 (Nov. 7)

1) Jonathan M. Woodham: “Pop to Post-Modernism: Changing Values”, from Woodham: Twentieth-Century Design, Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press, 1997, 182-203 (Oxford History of Art)
2) Naomi Klein: "Culture Jamming: Ads under Attack," from NO LOGO, London, New York and Toronto: Harper Perennial, 2001, pp.278-309.

Meeting 8 (Nov. 14)

1) Philip Nobel: "Art/Architecture; Can Design In American Avoid the Style Trap?" The New York Times, November 26, 2000.
2) Paola Antonelli: "Design and the Elastic Mind," from Design and the Elastic Mind, New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2008, pp.14-27.


Meeting 9 (Nov. 21)

Reading: No

------- Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Holiday, No Meeting -----------------

Meeting 10 (Dec. 5)
Ellen Lupton: "Skin, New Design Organics", from Skin. Surface Substance + Design, New York: Princeton Architectural Press and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Smithsonian Institution, 2002, pp.28-41.