Final Game Project Pictures

Americana by Hayley Greenhalgh

Antarctica by Alice Mongkonlite

Conquistadors by Steve Amrhein

Garrett Verstegen

Mind Asylum by Adeleine Ducker

Dobo Dunzo by Alice Monkonglite

Fruit of the Womb by Dawson Dill

Apparition Mission by Courtney Olsen

Paradiso by Simon Wiscombe

The Playground by Steve Wilson

The Tree by Alvin Cheng

Karma by Katie Miyake

Psi By Keiko Sakurai

City of Weed by Zenia Wei

Tangle by Ali Guerin

Sports Games Pics

Kaba Sentoo X-Treme by Hayley Greenhalgh

Sumo Showdown by Adeleine Ducker

Sumo Dama By Ali Guerin

Simon Wiscombe’s “Your Family is Delicious“

Katie Miyake’s Downhill Dash

Are you Sumo King? by Keiko Sakurai

Push Push Sumo Wrestling By Alvin Cheng

Pudge Grudge: Japan Edition (Super Sushi Eat-Off Challenge) by Steven Amrhein

Batter Hit M31More Time! (Base-wut?) by Zenia Wei

A Turn of Batters, a [...]

Rock Band Board Game Pics

Rock Band: World Tour Edition by Lindsay Harvey

Can You Rock These Balls? by Zenia Wei

Rock Band: Analog Beatz Battle World Tour 2009 (with Board Expansion Pack) by Steve Amrhein

Rock Bang by Keiko Sakurai

Rock Band: Go Solo by Brett Young

Rock of Wagers by Courtney Olsen

Tap Band By Alice Monkonglite

Band Battle by Steve Wilson

Battle of the [...]

Proverb Games Pics

Hitlist By Ali Guerin

Rain Rent and Revenge, by Hayley Greenhalgh

Pest Infest by Steven Amrhein

Cats and Dogs by Zenia Wei

Coincidoodle By Dawson Dill

Liar’s Game by Brett Young

Out Come The Wolves by Katie Miyake

Newlyweds by Simon Wiscombe

Make Love Not War by Alvin Cheng

Black Sheep by Courtney Olsen

Derby Days by Lindsay Harvey


Final RPG: Oakdom


Pad the Conquistador’s Wallet – An insatiable quest for Aztec Gold
Pad the Conquistador’s Wallet is an action/adventure/puzzle RPG played on a grid with turn-based movement and battles.
The Party:
Hernan Cortez – You are the famous Spanish conquistador, and leader of the expedition. The Governor of Cuba has recalled your expedition, but you press onwards, an act [...]

Reading Notes #3

a. Tetris on versus mode is a perfectly balanced game. The shapes of blocks to be dropped are completely predetermined and bot players receive the same combination of blocks to play with.
b. Trading card games, such as Magic, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards are generally assymetrical (unless both players choose to play with the exact same [...]

Reading Notes #2

1. Rules: Rock Paper Scissors
Operational Rules:
1. Two players face each other, and bring thier right hand in fron of them in a fist.
2. Both players call “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and immediately afterwards change the shape of the fist at the same timing into a peace sign, which represents Scissor, open hands, which represents Paper, or [...]

reading notes #5

Diegetic – refers to elements in a game that allow the player to feel as if they are in a realistic setting, and can become totally immersed in that world.
Extra diegetic – “artifacts” that are not consistent with the overall look/reality of that world, or that cannot be explained.
The central paradox of immersive narrative and [...]