Art & Animation

I'm a huge fan of old Disney traditional animation and although I really miss it, I also greatly appreciate the advances in 3D animation in recent years. Pixar will always be held dearly to my heart, not only because their works are visual masterpieces, but storytelling masterpieces as well. With animation, the sky's the limit, and Pixar takes that to heart and is able to emotionally capture audiences. I strive to have the ability to create something visually stunning and as well written as any Pixar film.

Hayao Miyazaki, known as the Walt Disney of Japan is another one of my most favorite people. His films are so imaginative and magical I only wish I had a mind that amazing. Also, I really love how he refuses to go 3D and chooses to remain in traditional animation, which seems to be a dying art.

I love to draw and wish I had as much time to devote to it now as I did when I was a kid. My greatest interest lies in character design, and I feel like viewing character sketches of various artists is my strongest inspiration. I love the fluidity of the lines and examining the variety of forms these artist use for character bodies. There is so much life in these sketches, and I wish I could have that in my art as well.

The above comes from the talented Francisco Herrera.

The above is drawn by Harald Siepermann , one of my favorite character designers who worked on Tarzan and Brother Bear. These are his preliminary sketches for the characters before they were finalized.

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