All Things Cute & Strange <3

Cute things have a great impact on my life, my personality, and my style.

A hint of subtle awkwardness or strangeness turns something cute into something beautiful.

This is why I love Takashi Murakami. His work isn't only cute, but has an underlying message. I too want my work to have the cuteness factor, yet be looked at seriously rather than childishly. Murakami has mastered that.

The MOCA in downtown LA featured a Murakami exhibit last year, and in case you missed it you can check out virtual exhibition tours. Pretty awesome.

Turning everyday objects into something cute can be unexpected and make people smile. I love how edible materials can be made into masterpieces! Visit AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory to learn how to make these babies!

The flash drive is just too cute I had to add it there. Smiling, inanimate objects can always brighten someone's day. =)

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