Layout Design & Typography

Typography is something I feel is essential for a designer to have a firm grasp on. Unfortunately I'm not too experienced with it, but I want to be. In recent years, my interest in type has increased and I plan on becoming more familiar with it as well. The way type is set and arranged can be very beautiful and bring about a certain mood and feel of a piece.

Looking at clean and crisp designs with an ample amount of white space has piqued my interest as of late. In the past, I feel like I've always overdesigned things. A lot of my old work I feel is too busy which takes away from the beauty of what it could be. Minimal design is becoming increasingly more appealing to me, so looking at portfolio sites such as David Hutton and L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign is incredibly inspiring to me. Web design is something I want to delve into as well, so it helps to look at a variety of nice, clean portfolios.

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