Typography and Letterforms
Gail Swanlund
DESMA 25, Fall 2009
T/Th 2-5, Lab 4230
Course Description

This course is an introduction to typography and effective typographic expression. The course consists of discussions and a step-by-step project involving a process of increasing complexities. We'll examine the micro and macro of typographic practice, from the letterform and what defines its distinct character, to exploring the (inter)relational consideration of working with and manipulating typography.

In addition to introducing you to working with typography, a goal of this course is to develop a critical appreciation for how typography works. We'll frequently discuss how/why manipulating the form in deliberate ways, affects the esthetics, reading (legibility) and the "read" (intent, language and meaning). Beyond setting type and creating layouts, the discipline and practice of typography is an interrelated exploration of language and ideas and communicating and form.

The course will include several Indesign practicals. By the end of the course, you should be able to work with the software and have gained basic knowledge about working with typography, setting up a grid, column settings and intelligent visual editing.

This is a studio and critical discussion course about a living and changing practice. Regard yourself and your work for this class seriously and as one component of a life-long field of study.