1. Airi Koga
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  11. Josh Neurnberger
  12. Justin Kielbasa
  13. Katie Stratford
  14. Michelle Tu
  15. Mimi Tang
  16. Ryan Wilson
  17. Sally Perez
  18. Steven Amrhein
  19. Takumi Akin
  20. Wesley Chou
  1. Project 1
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  4. Project 4

This piece recreates the sound scene, and my psychological state reacting to that environment that I experience almost every morning. Falling in and out of sleep, sounds from the real world merge into my dream state. I realize it is time to wake up, but I still want to keep dreaming. Sound of the clock ticking gets louder and I begin to hear someone in the room washing her face, eating, walking, and talking. My dream distorts the sounds my ears hear, and I get confused by the sum of every sound I hear that got mashed up. Eventually the vivid dream convinces me that I am awake in my dream, and I stop listening to the clock.