FALL 2010

TA Consultant: Jonathan Cecil,
Faculty Advisor: Professor W. Henri Lucas,
Course Meets Wednesdays, 12:00pm – 1:50pm
Broad 4251
Office Hours – Tuesday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm Broad Room 4230, and by appointment

Course Description
The purpose of this course is to provide pedagogical techniques for effective assistance in undergraduate courses and to familiarize incoming Teaching Assistants(TAs) with the Department of Design Media Arts(DMA). Topics covered in the course will include methods of presentation, demonstration, classroom critique, learning methodology, and overviews of both University and DMA resources. Discussion and exercises will happen in class on a weekly basis. Reading and written assignments related to class work are due weekly. Your attendance for all class meetings is required, as is completion of the Sexual Harassment and Academic Integrity Workshop(see bottom of this page).

Student Evaluation
Individual evaluation is based upon participation in classroom discussion and exercises, written assignments, and attendance. This class is pass/no pass.


Week 1: Wednesday, September 22
Class Introduction

Lesson Notes

First Day Resources and Tips - Discussion
Faculty expectations for TAs
Using DMA website and servers
Finding course rosters
Course attendance and taking roll
UCLA wireless networks
Printing and scanning

First Year Presentations - Discussion
Introduction to Pecha Kucha presentation
Presentation format
Presentation content
Keynote vs. PowerPoint

Assignment - due Wednesday, September 29th
Prepare a scalable 10 minute presentation about your previous design, media art, art, or academic research and explain what you would like to work on during your time at Design Media Art. Make the Pecha Kucha presentation at least 20 images using either PowerPoint or Keynote. You will present your work during your 10 minute presentation to the faculty on Friday, October 1st at 10am in the EDA. You will have the chance to practice a shortened five-minute version of this presentation and get feedback from your peers during class on Wednesday, September 29th.

Read the following two texts and come to the next class prepared to discuss:
Joyce Payne – “Teaching Students to Critique”
Sister Corita Kent – “Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules”


Week 2: Wednesday, September 29th
Classroom Critique and Presentation Rehearsals

Discussion of readings – Joyce Payne and Sister Corita Kent

Methods of Critique - Discussion
Methods of Critique in DMA
How a TA can benefit the classroom critique
Student Intent

Presentation Rehearsals
Each student will give a five minute presentation as practice for their First Year Presentation on Friday, October 1st. Formal critique will follow each student's presentation so use the methods of critique discussed earlier in class.

Assignment - due Wednesday, October 6th
Select a project from the following list:

Prepare to role-play as a student who made that project: study the content of the work, media used in the work, and attempt to understand the intention of the student who made it.

Reading - “Writing A Review of an Exhibition”, excerpt from A Short Guide to Writing About Art, Sylvan Barnet


Week 3: Wednesday,  October 6th
Practice Critique and Shop Orientation

Shop Orientation – Discussion and Tour
One hour introduction to DMA shop, electronics lab, available services and tools.

Practice Critique - Exercise
The goal of this exercise is to introduce good critique techniques and habits. You will be randomly paired together, one playing the role of a “TA,” the other the role of a “student.” The “student” will present the project chosen from last weeks assignment list, the “TA” will respond. The rest of the class will observe your respective roles and provide feedback.

Preparing a Short Lesson - Discussion
Identifying objectives
Choosing methodology
Structuring a lesson

Assignment - due Wednesday, October 13th
Prepare a 10 minute lesson on a topic related to your design or art work; the topic can be a process or technique, a working method, or historical information. Develop a short lesson plan that can effectively communicate your topic. Provide a PDF or MS Word outline of your lesson to the class(by email) before class on Wednesday, October 13th.


Week 4: Wednesday, October 13th
Micro-Teaching Part One

10 Minute Lessons Part One – Exercise
The goal of this exercise is promote awareness of effective teaching techniques. Each TA will deliver a 10 minute long lesson to the “class,” and the “class” will then evaluate the “TA's” use of the following elements of effective teaching:

Take notes during and immediately after each lesson, and provide those notes to the presenter.

Assignment - due Wednesday, October 20th
Write a biographical statement for the DMA website and select a photo to post on line, image should be sized to 110px × 146px. Some questions to consider: who, what, where, why. Be concise. Bring 12 copies of the statement and a photo to class(photo on your computer or on the internets is fine) for review on Wednesday, October 20th.


Week 5: Wednesday, October 20th
Micro-Teaching Part Two and Group Critique

10 Minute Lessons Part Two – Exercise
Continue the exercise from the previous class for those who haven't had a chance to present their lesson.

Biographical Statement Review – Exercise
Round robin review of the biographical statements. Please edit and write comments on the bottom of the statements as they come around the room. Discuss as a group what makes a good bio statement.

Group Critique - Exercise
The purpose of this exercise is to apply critique skills to graduate level Media Art and Design projects and to acclimate the class to their critique environment. The class will visit the current 2nd year grad show in the New Wight Gallery for a critique of the second year grad show.

Assignment - due Wednesday, October 27th
Write a one paragraph critical analysis of one work from the 2nd year MFA show in the New Wight Gallery. Generate a new analysis of the work based upon the discussion from the group critique exercise. The analysis need not be lengthy, but should be concise; use some ideas and strategies from the Barnet reading.


Week 6: Wednesday, October 27th
Undergraduate Panel and Overview of Campus Resources

Panel Discussion with DMA Undergraduate Students

Overview of Campus and Department Resources - Discussion
UC Copyright
Dealing with distressed students
College Academic Counseling
Teaching Enhancement Center
Counseling and Student Psychological Services
TA Union
Ombuds Services


Week 7: Wednesday, November 2nd
Active Learning and Lesson Planning

Student Learning and Assessment – Discussion
Teaching styles and effective learning
Group work and learning
Learning in the critique environment
Sample grading and student assessment

Syllabus – Discussion
What is an effective syllabus?
How to read a syllabus for course content
TA responsibilities

Grad Gallery Orientation

Assignment - due Wednesday, November 10th
Prepare a sample syllabus for a hypothetical class based upon your design or art work. Look at DMA and other syllabi's online for effective strategies. Consider which readings would be required, what types of projects to assign, and what the goals are for each week of the course. Bring 12 copies of your sample syllabus to class on Wednesday, November 10th.


Week 8: Wednesday, November 10th
Final Presentations and Evaluations

Presentation of Sample Syllabus – Discussion
Present your syllabus to class. The class will provide feedback on course content and structure. 

Please fill out evaluations for the course.


Required University Workshop
You are required to attend one Sexual Harassment and Academic Integrity Workshop. Please get your signature on the form provided in class as proof of attendance. Please be sure to sign paperwork at the workshop to get credit of your attendance from UCLA. Contact Cathy Bell for scheduling a workshop: .

Workshop Dates
October 20, 5:00pm-7:00pm, Faculty Center - Downstairs Lounge
October 21, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Faculty Center - Downstairs Lounge
October 26, 12:00pm-2:00pm, Faculty Center - Downstairs Lounge
October 28, 12:00pm-2:00pm, Faculty Center - Downstairs Lounge
November 2, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Faculty Center - Downstairs Lounge