Design|Media Arts 158 Environmental Communication - Fall 2011
Prof. Robert Isreal, email: hanley (at) ucla (dot) edu
office hour by appointment.

Seph Li, email: sephiroth (at) ucla (dot) edu
office hour Wednesday 12:00-2:00 by appointment

This class focuses on aesthetic problems concerning the creation of design elements incorporating concepts of human/environmental scale, motion and time.

P/NP or letter grading

Narrative is a given in all art on one level or another. By this I mean that narrative is the natural product of human action in trying to contextualize the world; to make some sort of sense out of things around us.

In the ten weeks course students will deal with the problems of narative through three or four projects that will give them a greater control over interior.
1. To design a doghouse.

2. Design a coffee or teacup. Students will do research as to the idiosyncratic nature of "national" design and come up with a contemporary American version of this "universal object".

3. The class will be required to purchase model building supplies and CDs for one of two operas:
  Hansel and Gretel by Humperdinck
  Orpheus and Eurydice and Gluck
Make sure the recording include librettos.
The assignment is to design a scene from one of the operas.

4. Design a new band uniform for the UCLA Marching Band.
The combined grades of the assignments will determine 60% of the final grade. Other factors in determining the final grade are:
  Class participation 10%
  Attendance 20%
  Research 10%

If a student is 15 minutes late he or she will be marked tardy. Three tardy marks equal an absence.
After the first absense, every unexcused absence will result in 1/2 letter grade being subtrated from the final grade: A to B+, B+ to B, etc.