Click here for template

Here is the box generator link

Be sure to click on advanced options and adding a CUT WIDTH (or KERF) to your box generator.
You can find some basic kerf values for cutting here (here)

Here is the sample box I made. DICE BOX

General steps to making wooden box

  • Laser cut
  • Glue (Few hours to 24 hour wait time)
  • Sand
  • Wood putty ( 24 hour wait time)
  • Prime Paint (couple hours)
  • Sand
  • Paint
  • Sand


Super Generic Card Templates Updated !!!

Here are instructions on how to submit work to the Undergraduate Exhibition. Submissions must be in no later then November 26th 11:59pm. The submission process is a little different this year, because now we have an amazing online gallery thanks to Cargo Collective. To submit work, you must first make a Cargo account.

If you don’t already have a Cargo account, request an invitation by emailing us at

We will then give you further instructions (it’s not a very laborious task so don’t worry)

If you already have a Cargo Account, make sure you are part of the DMA network. If you are not, follow this link:

To submit to the UG Show, go to one of your projects as if to edit it, beneath where you enter a title, in the tags section add the tag ugshow2013, then scroll to the bottom, click “share” and check the box that says “dma gallery” if you would like us to confirm your submission, email us your name and project title


If you have questions or need help submitting, our curatorial team will be available

in Untitled every Tuesday 11-12:30p to assist you. When in doubt, you are also free

to email us :


Here’s how the selection process works. A group of DMA professors and the curatorial team get together, review the submissions, and select work to be exhibited in the show. Not everyone who submits is guaranteed a place in the show. This is a juried show, meaning one student from each grade will be selected as a scholarship recipient! Remember, this is our only opportunity every year as undergrads to exhibit our work, so it is important that everyone submits!

Good luck with your submissions, let us know if you have any questions!

Anna, Michelle, Stephen, Mindy, and Charlie
UV / UG 2013 Curatorial Team

ps. there is no limit to how much you submit!

Every term the Department of Art and Design Media Arts will select student works to be exhibited in the Administrative Offices, suite 2275. Both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work will be considered.

We are currently accepting submissions for the remaining weeks of the Fall Term. The deadline for submitting your images for Winter Term is Monday December 3rd, 2012 – 10th week. Those selected need to drop off their work to the Arts Office, suite 2275 by the end of 10th week.

Please send medium resolution jpeg images and work information (title, year, size and medium) to:

Come and celebrate International Games Day at the Powell Library on UCLA campus! The learning and fun runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; stop by anytime! Play board games and video games, hear talks from game creators, meet people, and make new connections. Admission is free, and no reservations are required. Presented in partnership with the UCLA Game Lab.

If you’re working on a card game and would like to get some professional looking results give printerstudio a try. They can do custom printed playing cards on demand, which means a minimum order of one deck. The prices are very affordable (starting at $7.99 per deck) and turn around time is as fast as 5 days. We’re going to give them a try with Aliah’s new game: Objective. Maybe she’ll write a review of their service once she gets them back.

The Scale is 1 to 5.
5 being a success, 1 being a failure.

  • Quality of the Visual Element,functionality of the game bits how they contribute to the gameplay?
    • 5 — is seamless, beautiful – robust, comfortable
    • 1 — Ugly , distracting, lazy – shoddy, uncomfortable, dysfunctional
  1. Does the level complexity of justify itself.
    • 5 — is perfect
    • 1 — too simple , too complex
  2. How clearly are the rules communicated.
    • 5 — excellent very clear
    • 1 — not clear, badly written, illustrated, (((Maybe heir achy  of text)))
  3. How original is the game theme, or narrative?
    • 5 — Original
    • 1 — Unoriginal
  4. How original is the game mechanics(the repeatable actions that contributes the most to the successful guy)) ?
    • 5 — never seen before
    • 1 — You remade monopoly (copycat, reskinned)
  5. how complain, immersive, fun, of entertaining  is the game and through out  play duration. ( 1 to 5 )
    • 5 — Facebook like button
    • 1 — wrong, thumb downs
  6. How well balanced is the game?
    • 5 — Balanced
    • 1 — Unbalanced
  7. Does the game have meaning choices
    • 5 — has meaningful choices
    • 1 — does not have meaningful choices
  8. Was the Sport adapted well ?
    • 5 — The game still retains elements from the original sport
    • 1 — The game departs greatly from the original game
  9. Was the Physical element contribute to the game experience.
    • 5 — Physical element greatly adds to the experience.
    • 1 — Physical element does not add to the experience of the game.