Role Playing Game
DUE IN CLASS: Tuesday Nov 6
POSTED PDF DUE: Tuesday Nov 6

The Third project in our class is a three week group project where will will be designing a role-playing game and game system including characters, rules and game bits . This is an exercise in complexity and designing around emergent gameplay dynamics For part 1 you will work individually. for part 2 you will be working in small groups of 3, and for part 3 – all three groups of three will work in collaboration.

Part 1:DUE
For part 1 of this project you are tasked with imagining and designing a small deck of cards for a “superhero” character from your imagination. We will then take a look at everybody’s characters and powers and start to build a game system to accommodate and Balance all of the chaos and complexity that may emerge but trying to satisfy all of the characters divergent needs Players in the game

1) Design a 8.5 x 11 card that has a:

  • picture of your character
  • description of their backstory and general info
  • a list of their special powers
  • a list of their weaknesses

2) A 2” tall figure representing your character.  Think miniature , or chess game bit kind of thing. You can use paper or cardboard or any material for this as long as your character is appox 2” tall and no larger than 1” x 1” wide . your character should have some sort of base to stand on.

2) Create separate cards for each of your characters special powers and abilities with images and descriptions for each – try and think of a rules system already that fits your particular needs.

3) Design paper mockups (no bigger then 1 inch by 1 inch)of any additional gamebits that may be needed for your powers. For example:  summoned objects or creatures, different shape shifting forms,  items, weapons, special object that they may  need in order to  use their powers ( say your character needs trees to control – then you will need to make some trees).

4) Try and be original with your ideas for your character – and as complex and impractical as possible :) )

5) Don’t copy any known existing super hero character that is familiar from popular culture (or last quarter’s game :) ) !