Bejeweled + 4 : Kevin Lin
Bright Block : Valentina Rabinovich
DOOMagotchi Jump : Jarad Solomon
Farmville The Famine : Jordan Chong
Final Fight War : Jordan Raoufpur
Infinity Blade : Brianda Perez
Pacman Chess: Christopher Breault
Space Invaders : Alejandro Bustamante - Martinez
Zelda : Betty Shen
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Overall did you enjoy the game?
Quality of the Visual Elements?
Does the level of complexity justify itself in gameplay?
How clearly were the rules communicated (writng & visuals)?
How original was the game theme or narrative- and how much did it contribute to the game experience?
How original are the game mechanics (the repeatable actions that contribute the most to your playing success) ?
How compelling / immersive / fun / entertaining was the game throughout the entire play duration.
How well balanced is the game?
Does the game have meaningful choices? !!!
Did the multiplayer dynamics contribute to the game experience?
Was the video game adapted well