Reading Notes #2

Salen & Zimmerman, “Rules of Play”: Chapters 11, 12, 13, 15 ,18, 19

The purpose of this week’s reading is to get familiarized with a range of game design concepts that will be of use when we design game rules for the next three weekly assignments.


  1. Choose a simple game (not found in the reading) and describe its Constitutive Rules, Operational Rules, and (at least 3…) Implicit Rules.
  2. In your opinion what does the element of randomness contribute to making a game more compelling? (Please incorporate concepts from the reading in your answer)
  3. Describe examples (not found in the reading) of these key cybernetics concepts : a positive feedback loop and a negative feedback loop.
  4. In your own words explain these terms from the field of Game Theory : Saddle Point, Prisoners Dilemma, Zero Sum Game

Student Responses