Reading Notes #1

Read: Salen & Zimmerman, “Rules of Play”, Chapter 7 

Greg Costikyan, “I Have No Words & I Must Design”

Please address the following questions ,write a few good paragraphs per question. Feel free to raise any other questions or express other opinions that the reading may inspire. Post your notes to the class website by class time Thursday (under the category Reading Notes

  1.  After reading Salen & Zimmerman’s taxonomy of game definitions. explain which definition(s) for game appeals to you most?
  2.  How would you define a game in your own words?
  3.  What is your opinion of Costikyan’s definition of games, is it too broad , too narrow,which aspects of his definition do agree with and which do you disagree with? Are puzzles games? Is second life a game? What do you make of his ideas about narrative in games? And his notions of color and competition? What about his idea that games should be considered “art”?

Student Responses