Reading Notes #4
DUE: Thursday 11/29

C.Poremba, I.Bogost;  ”Can Games Get Real?”

1. Summarize the arguments made in paper re the main questionposed (You know the one that is the title of the article..)

2. Next week well play some “polemical games” and you can judge first hand but in the meantime – whats is your opinion of the potential (or lack there of) of games as a medium for expression a point of view? does this “get in the way of the fun” ? is it possible/helpful to play and be critical at the same time?

3. Please describe examples of games that you felt had a strong political / polemical point of view?

4. How do you see the relationship between “documentary game” and “documentary film” ? what are the limitations / advantages of each medium in this context?

Student Responses