Anonymity takes the Vanilla out of Sex // Lucas Kazansky

“Anonymity takes the Vanilla out of Sex” is a social experiment, a game and a party.

I created it because of a desire I have to find connection and relate to others in a physical environment about sexual preference. My belief is that we are more sexually complicated then we make our selves out to be. That expression of this diversity is made easier when we have understanding that we are not the only ones in the room who feel this way.

To help facilitate this process I constructed a comfortable environment in my home complete with “Nookie Cookies,” freshly juiced cocktails (“Pink Panties”) and 3 tents with electronic switches that acted as anonymous voting booths. 3 volunteers per round weighed in on their feelings about the sexual subjects, which the audience asks. If there is coconscious that 2 or 3 out of 3 people vote for a subject a pneumatic falace is inflated. Participant’s responses remain anonymous through this system and the goal of the audience is to find enough things that the volunteers have in common to inflate the fallacy to the point it explodes confetti on the audience.

The experiment was absurdly successful, through the course of the party the comfort level of those involved grew and the format of the game devolved as there was less need for obscurity and anonymity. What began as solo voting inside of the tents moved to partnered voting inside the tents and ultimately the tents became unnecessary and everyone was able to vote right in front of each other and express themselves face to face.