The mystery gameboard Machine

My project works to build a creative kit for game designers to test out their ideas. I built several modular pieces that could come together in any desired combinations and create game boards to test out game design concepts. This project consisted of perforated boards, different sized dowels, and other game bits that could be attached to those. My ultimate goal for this project is to turn it into a learning and testing tool for both beginners and experts. I would also like to introduce these kinds of kits for students, teachers, and anyone else interested in reading board games. I came up with the idea for this creative kit from realizing that my skills were better suited for designing boards than sets the rules. What I wanted for this project was a way to facilitate the creation of rules by having all of the elements of a game board already created. So I used my board design skills in a way that would then enable me to work on my skills as a mechanics designer.