No Tech Project

Project One:  no-tech/people-power interactive project !
Concept Proposals DUE: Tuesday Week 1
Project DUE: Ready to be played in class Tuesday, Week 2

Project guidelines:

  • Design and create a participatory experience for the members of the class (the experience can evoke any range of emotion – from anxiety, to anger, to joy, to competition, to laughter, to awe…).
  • You may not use digital technology ( no computers, no cell phones etc).
  • your game should be safe to play and not present any physical danger to the participants
  • You should create:
    • your own self created and designed props (objects, costumes, handouts, floor markings, boundaries, flag posts in the grass, hats, capes, boxes…etc), additionally you may also incorporate  around site specific physical structures in the environment (such as elevators, windows, sculptures, hallways, etc)
    • clear printed rules – defining the possibilities of interaction, and what are the clear end(or win/lose) conditions, as well as the duration
  • It may be helpful to  think of this as a “social game” , or a “performance”, a “live action role playing game (LARP) or perhaps a new kind of “sport”.
  • you may arrange yourselves (the creators) and your classmates (the players) in any spatial arrangements  that serves your project – for instance – you can compete in groups, you can ask players to speak lines, hum tunes, calculate odds, walk blindfolded, jump rope, balance things on their heads, etc
  • This is a group project, group size TBD based on course enrollment.
  • you are responsible for documenting your projects as they happen (photos are fine)