Final Project

Final Project

FALL 2012
, UCLA Design Media Arts
Professor Eddo Stern / TA Chris Reilly / T-TH 9-11:50am / Broad Art Center 4220

Proposals DUE: Week 4 Tuesday, 10/23
Revised proposals DUE: Week 4 Thursday 10/25
In-Progress Review DUE: Week 7-9
Completed project DUE: Week 10 Tuesday, 12/4
Completed project documentation DUE: Week 11 Tuesday, 12/11

Assignment guidelines:

  • Create a project in any medium of your choice that fits into the loose category of Game Art or Experimental Game. You are required to work with  interaction in your  project, but the final result need not be interactive in the traditional way: for example – you could produce a work of Machinima (where you recorded your interaction with a game), you could produce an instrument of new game interface, you could produce a board game,  a performance about games, a piece of theatre, a kinetic sculpture, or even write a piece of Interactive Fiction.

Game elements:

  1. Your project should include all the information needed to play (as part of the game)
  2. Your final project should be thoroughly playtested and debugged – no prototypes!!!
  3. All the visual assets of the game should be created by you – no appropriated images
  4. This is not a group project.

What’s Expected at each stage:

  1. Proposals: a presentation of your idea(s) to propose to the class.
    1. you will have 8 minutes EXACTLY.
    2. please do your best to  articulate, don’t ramble, leave time for quick feedback, and provide as much visual and written information as you can to show on the projection screen.
    3. This stage will be graded
  2. Revised Proposals: a more detailed and specific proposal, presented to the class.
    1. you will have 8 minutes EXACTLY.
    2. For the revision you need to post a PDF document to the class website on the due date.
    3. This stage will be graded
  3. In-Progress Review: These are your playtests / rough cuts / prototypes and in progress crits.
    1. You should be prepared to show work that can be discussed and improved. For example: If your project is playable/interactive.
    2. you are required to have a playable/usable  version of your project ready. If you are making a movie of a sculpture you should have a rough cut or a physical prototype ready.
    3. You will have 20 mins per project
    4. This stage will be graded
  4. Completed project: be ready to present your project to the class during class time.
    1. We will have 20 mins per project
    2. We want to use the time to experience the project and have time for a short critique.
    3. This stage will be graded
  5. Completed project documentation:
    1. Post visual documentation of your project.
      1. Ideally you will post video
      2. if you can’t produce a short video then you should have a nicely laid out PDF with photos, text  and diagrams and an explanation
    2. your post should also include a one paragraph project description and title as well as instructions if there are needed
    3. This stage will be graded