this game is not up for debate!

A card game in which players are “born” into a randomly generated belief system, and must demonstrate through card based argument that their belief system is the true system. Players are awarded points for “proving” one of four categories of topics. The game ends when all topics have been “proven” and the player with the highest score is declared the winner.

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RERUN – Documentation (Gregory Chen)

Current roster for project RERUN:

Stacy Eduarte, Chuck Sheetz, Jordan Chong (Respectively)


Interview audio (Stacy E.): Stacy

Stacy’s Info: stacyinfo

Machinima link:


Chuck interview:

Chuck’s info: chuckinfo

Machinima link:


Interview audio (Jordan C.): JORDAN

Jordan’s info: jordaninfo

Machinima Link:

(It’s not very clear at the end of Jordan’s audio, but he mentions that he had wished that some sort of entity (specifically someone with a time machine) could have taken the person that caused his ankle to spring.  Basically at that time he wished he could have stopped his ankle from springing at all costs.)