GRAF Ó LUX // Lucas Kazansky


A recreation of the experience of being involved in the world of graffiti.

There are 4 groups of people: Graf, Paint, Pig, Pedestrian. Graffers want fame from throwing up bombs; putting a paint person in a location as a canvas for their tags with more fame being awarded to those using bolder more obvious locations because they’re more easily seen by the Pedestrians. Pedestrians are wannabes who walk around texting about the tags they see, at the end of the round the pedestrian with the most points becomes a Graffer. Pigs are just busta’s and want to give people a hard time and flex their authoritative might. Pedestrians and Paint want to become Graffers. When Pigs see the bombs they bust the paint and take it back to jail, if they see the Graffer in the process of making the bomb they bust the Paint and Graffer and they switch places. This creates an inverse relationship between the Graf and Paint. Round is over after 10 minutes and the game can be played as long as desired.