Network Media

Network Media (DESMA 161)
Fall 2013
UCLA Department of Design Media Arts

Professor: (office hours: TBD)
TA: (office hours: TBD)

Monday & Wednesday
2:00 PM–4:50 PM
Broad Art Center, 4250


This course introduces students to the World Wide Web as a medium. Originating from efforts to create a standardized, world-wide storage and retrieval system for information, once established, the WWW evolved into a broadcast media, a shopping mall, a communication platform, and an environment for personal expression. While a wide range of workshops dealing with web technologies is offered, the class also focuses on conceptual and aesthetic aspects of working with the web. Creative projects and exercises will be developed throughout the course by applying the various skills acquired in class in the service of perception and communication.

Web technologies are constantly and rapidly changing. By focusing on the core concepts behind those technologies, the acquired skills working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be transferable to future contexts.

The course aims at developing the vocabulary necessary to speak to developers, to present and discuss Web projects, and to pursue individual research. During the quarter, students will complete a series of exercises, will analyze and discuss Web projects, and present a research report.

Reading / Viewing





60% – Projects
10% – In-class Discussions
10% – Presentation
20% – Participation and Attendance


All projects must be completed in order to pass the course. Projects are only considered as complete when they are accessible from the course website.

Participation & Attendance

Punctuality, focus, articulation of concepts, and contribution to class discussions are all part of class participation.

Classes start at 2:00 PM. If you are 15 minutes late, you will receive a tardy. 3 tardies will turn into 1 absence. Every absence equals 1 full grade down (A to B), 3 unexcused absences result in a failing grade.

If there is an emergency and you will be late or absent from the class, please email both me and the TA to schedule a meeting to discuss the situation.

No use of cellphones in class, except for the testing of websites on mobile browsers. No checking personal e-mails, Facebook, Skype, etc. during class.

Ask questions, make comments, contribute to reviews! Learn from your peers; the class should be a collaboration.