DMA 171, Fall 2013
Live Cinema through Creative Coding

DMA 171, Fall 2013
Topics in Interactivity and Games: Live Cinema through Creative Coding
UCLA Department of Design Media Arts

Professor Casey Reas (office hour TBD)
TA Matthias Dorfelt (office hour TBD)

Monday and Wednesday, 9:00 am - 11:50 am
Broad Art Center, 42XX


This course is a continued introduction to computer programming within the context of image and interaction. There is a focus on process and project development in preparation for the Senior Project course. Each student's foundation in basic programming concepts will serve as a platform for further exploration. A public presentation at the end of the course will allow participants to share their work with the UCLA community.


The theme for this class is Live Cinema and each participant will create a live, visual accompaniment for a sound composition. There is one major project for the quarter, but it has seven parts. Each participant will select an audio composition from a provided list and will spend the next 10 weeks developing and documenting a live, visual performance to be performed to the music.


The % breakdown follows:
20% Preparatory Visuals and Storyboards
50% Final Performance
10% Documenation
10% Participation

All projects are evaluated on how well they demonstrate an understanding of the material, as well as their originality and aesthetic qualities. Feedback will be primarily qualitative but numeric scores will also be given for all work. Participation means punctuality, focus, articulation of your concepts, and contribution to class discussions and performance.

More than two absences will lower your final grade by one unit (i.e. an A will become an B). With each additional unexcused absence, the grade will drop an additional unit.

Class starts at 9:00 AM. If you are 10 minutes late, you will receive a tardy. 3 tardies will turn into 1 absence.

If there is an emergency and you will be late or absent from the class, please email me to discuss the situation.

No cellphones in class. No checking personal e-mails, Facebook, IM, etc. during class.

Ask questions, make comments, contribute to discussions.
Learn from your peers; the class is a collaboration.

If you feel frustrated or you come across other problems please communicate with me directly and immediately.