Backgammon Tournament

Tournament Rules:

  • Play one match with each person in your group. Each match consists of 3 games played WITHOUT the doubling cube. You can still earn additional points for gammons or backgammons though.
  • Mark your results on the tables posted on the walls of  4220 (see below).
  • Write a Journal for each match you played (see below). There will be journal assignments due Thursday at 11:59 pm EVERY WEEK. Each journal assignment must contain entries for at least 1 match, although they can also contain more. If you finish all your journals early then you do not need to submit anymore journals.

Table Entry Format:

  • Mark your results on the tables posted on the walls of  4220.
  • Put your score on the HORIZONTAL next to your name and your opponents score on the horizontal next to their name.
  • For example, I play Eddo and he beats me 2-1, then on the horizontal next to my name and in the column below Eddo’s name I would write “1”.
  • Eddo would then write “2” in the horizontal next to his name and the column below my name.

Journal Requirements:

  • Include person, date/time, who’s board you played on, and which game (1/2/3)
  • Opening rolls, how they were played and why
  • Analyze at least two different decisions you made
  • General analysis of the game