DMA 153

Fall 2015, DMA153 Video
MW., 2-5 pm, Room: 4220
Professor Christian Moeller

Office Hours: Wednesday 12-2 pm

TA: Lander – Office Hours – Thursday 2:30-4:30 Room 5240



This class focuses on the techniques that inform the conceptualization and creation of short films using digital video. We will practice how to create professional pieces of video work by using the student’s individual creativity to work around the typical financial and technical constraints of a beginning artist. The class will allow a high degree of creative freedom and therefore requires strong personal engagement and self-motivation.

In addition, a series of “Listening Minutes” will serve as an introduction to a selection of classical music pieces and their composers and will be held throughout the first 6 weeks of class.


Week 1 – 2
Creating and editing video images for a music video (30 sec).

Week 3 – 5
Research, conceptualization and realization of a very short, video clip about a color (10 sec).

Week 6 – 10
Research, conceptualization and realization of an independent video piece (3 min).

1) Music video (30 sec)
2) “Color” video (10 sec)
3) “Final” video (max. 3 min)
4) All video assignments have to be exported in usable data compression / file size to the DMA class web site to be recognized as accomplished.


The “Listening Minutes” series will conclude with a short multiple choice exam.

Grading criteria:

Quality of the work 70%
Class Participation 10%
Engagement and self-motivation 10%
Attendance 10%