Code the Noise, Move the Sound

DMA 160 Summer 2015

Instructor: Wilm Thoben

Class Time: Monday + Wednesday 2.00-4.50pm at Broad 4240 Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2pm Untitled CafeĢ


This is a class in partnership between the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, the School of Theater, Film and Television, and Center for the Art of Performance. This class will explore the relationship between sound, body, and performance. The first part of this class we will explore recording, generating and manipulating sound. We will use the arranging software Logic to explore relationships in time but quickly move on to the programming environment Processing to allow a more elaborate and immediate control over how we arrange sound in time and space. Several assignments will lead to developing a performative real time setup using controllers, camera tracking or recorded movement data. The class will end with a performance which we will hold at EDA at the end of the quarter in collaboration with dance students from Worlds Art and Culture. The goal of the class is to develop a sound piece for a dance and perform it together with the dancer. Visiting artist Prof. Ros Warby will join us for collaborative critiques.

Attendance Policy

There are 20 sessions of this class. You may miss one session without penalty but you must be excused. If you have to be away for more than one session please approach me directly. You need to have a valid reason to miss multiple classes. Additional absences will reduce your grade. If you are more than 15 minutes late to class, you are considered tardy. Two tardy marks equal one absence. If you are more than one hour late, you are considered absent.


4 Assignments have to be completed during this course. All projects and assignments will be graded by their conceptual and aesthetic quality. Submissions need to be in time on the due date to be accepted.


  • 15% Assignment 1
  • 15% Assignment 2
  • 15% Assignment 3
  • 30% Final Project
  • 25% Participation/Attendace/Effort

If you feel stuck or encounter a problem please approach me directly so we can find a solution