is anyone gonna know that I did this?

There’s a shadow of a man on the street
And he’s beat
Cigarette in his teeth
Tar on the leaf
Causal collapse cause ruckus on the tracks

McLuhan clued in to the screwy cued ends
and what happens when you live in TV

Truth in obscurity
Lapse in security
he faps to the rhythms of the hopeless defeat

Piecing together fragments of yesterday’s
ambivalent monofilaments
Frags fire “fags!” at trashed white boys with
choked vomit on their lips

“You know what we are chill?


We are private school kids turned vagabonds - the lot of us. The whole fuckin lot of us”

And the beasts ran, hooves through the
swollen rain
Swelling breasts and scream snort diesel,
they pounded on against history and the
falling water
Hardly enough to bend around oneself,
Just enough to cry for the majesty of the
horse himself
We galloped onward
Into the ever swelling present
Forgotten like dead soldiers in a shiny
bruised flesh future

The darkness is now
Wind wipe clap away the eye sores
Light the sky dear gods of the electric
Carry us on into tomorrow

Roll on sweet chariot winds
The summer drifts on blindly
To binge drink boys who
Spit chew and smoke themselves silly
We’ve been told Better but
trust slips like corked filters into mouth
Forked tongues spat bloody spittle into the
trash can liners of drunk foreigners
What’s the difference

Fulfillment comes by way of the A train
westward bound steam roll over dreams of
lovers and things
Hovers and lingers
Graces tips of noses and inhale the budding
Of summer, of winter, of fall,
On our swords in the summer

What’s the difference

We’ve lived through another night

Please pray there is a difference

“Slacker” Mexican restaurant bathroom wall
graffiti scrawl nature paint poor c freeman.
Somewhere on pico boulevard

Cruel candy

saw barefoot heroin addict brandishing two
needles, coated plastic pez dispenser

Laughing out loud his candy was much

Hop scotch dilapidated overpass bandit
scarf and cut off pants

Onward and upward
I carried my gold bricks and he Carried his

Breathless on boulevards of
Drugged out woman screams America the
In sing song chaos with several lost souls
Nodding blindly to Vivaldi variations
Exhausted prophets of the lets go go go
Conscious or not
Sea to shining sea

A five o’clock shadow father leads a young
naked Vietnamese boy by the hand at a gas
station off the highway somewhere in higher
The sun rises over dilapishackled building
corner in Tsuen Wan noon
Wrinkle crease pain is eternal in the face of

Leather shadow America
Saturate Angeles
Mystic kow loon and the Sham Shui Po

The trains cross the desert like the
genealogical descent of those that sell their
wares to the white
Family from east Ohio who “just wants to see
the states!”
Stand a pic back stick of yourself and show
your friends you are
living. it. Up!

It’s not real if it’s not like omg

I get my beef from my favorite butcher with the glow wise all know face and the plumb strong hands on an oaken circle table with a
Chod Chod Chod
and no one gives a fuck

Struck bare
Thou escapeth
Soft breath giggles from thy lips
Face near
Hurtling towards each other in
Makers void
Great Infinite

Past drunken jackals
And streetwise leopard night queens
With whiskey courage
Explosions and cops followed me as I
Galloped up the cobwebs starring in my own
Motion picture!