A space to reminisce about your memories and make genuine connections.

Rediscover your memories,
and therefore

You'll see photos from different periods of your life randomly drawn for you. Those genuine moments that made your want to record had an impact on your life. Reminisce on those old moments, and discover something new about yourself.

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Curate those
special moments,
and make them public
if you want to

All moments are special, but some moments are more special than others. They are what make you more you. Curate them under the category that you choose to define yourself. And for the ones you want to share with others, you can make them public to connect with people who also connect with you.

Connect with people, who truly connect with you

Your special moments are like art works. It doesn't matter how many people see it. It only matters how much the person who saw it appreciates it. So here we make no room for vanity to grow, but only let genuine feeling to flow.
You cannot Like any photo. You can only comment, and it'll be only seen by you and the author.

You deserve an outlet that encourages you to be your true self.