Once upon a time there lived a man who possessed fine houses in town and in the country, dishes and plates of silver and gold, furniture all covered in embroidery, and carriages all gilded; but unfortunately the man’s beard was blue, and this made him so ugly and fearsome that all the women and girls, without exception, would run away from him. Nearby there lived a noble lady, who had two daughters of the greatest beauty. The man asked her permission to marry one or other of them, leaving it to her to decide which daughter she would give to him. Neither of them wanted him, and each said that the other one could be his wife, for they could not bring themselves to marry a man with a blue beard. What put them off even more was that he had already been married several times, and nobody knew what had become of the wives. If you were the girl, will you marry him?
[[Yes I want to marry him.]] [[No, I refuse.]]
After they married, a month had passed, Bluebeard told his wife that he had to go away for at least six weeks to another part of the country, on an important business matter. He told her to make sure that she enjoyed herself properly while he was away, to invite her Bluebeard forbids his wife to unlock the private room, but he allows her friends to stay and to take them out into the country if she wanted to, and not to stint herself wherever she was. ‘Here are the keys of the two big store-rooms,’ he said, ‘the keys for the cupboards with the gold and silver dinner service that is not for every day, and for my strongboxes with my gold and silver coins, and for my jewel-boxes, and here is the master key for all the rooms. As for this small key here, it will unlock the private room at the end of the long gallery in my apartment downstairs.* You may open everything and go everywhere, except for this private room, where I forbid you to go; and I forbid it to you so absolutely that, if you did happen to go into it, there is no knowing what I might do, so angry would I be.’ She promised to obey his commands exactly; and he kissed her, got into his carriage, and set off on his journey. Open doors with keys?
[[Yes, I want to open them.]] [[No, I'd better not doing that.]]
The End
Which room do you want to open? Dressing room? Making up room? Living room? Storage? Relaxing room?
[[Making up room?]] [[Dressing room?]] [[Living room?]] [[Storage?]] [[Relaxing room?]]
Many make ups lay on a huge table that make all the people dazzle.
There are so many clothes in the dressing room, our heroine and her friends tired on different clothes till they got exhausted.
Living room connects to all the other rooms, when our heroine takes her friends see through all the rooms, they kept on saying how lucky their friend was and how much they envied her; she, however, took no pleasure in the sight of all this wealth, because of the impa- tience that she felt to go and open the door to the private room downstairs.
[[Let's check the secret room out.]] [[Wait untill Blue Beard comes back.]]
So keen was her curiosity that, without reflecting how rude it was to leave her guests, she went down by a little secret staircase at the back; and she was in such a hurry that two or three times Friends and neighbours envy the new bride’s riches. She nearly broke her neck. When the door of the little room was in front of her she stood looking at it for a while, remembering how her husband had forbidden her to open it, and wondering whether something bad might happen to her if she disobeyed, but the temptation was strong and she could not resist it.
[[I'm sure I want to open the door.]] [[No, give up this time.]]
At first she could see nothing, because the shutters were closed. After a few moments, she began to see that the floor was all covered in clotted blood, and that it reflected the bodies of several women, dead, and tied up along the wall. They were the wives whom Bluebeard had married, and whose throats he had cut one after the other. She nearly died of fright, and the key, which she had taken out of the lock, fell out of her hand. When she had recovered herself a little, she picked up the key again, and locking the door behind her she went upstairs to her room to try to collect her thoughts, but she was unable to, because the shock had been too great. She noticed that the key was stained with blood, and although she cleaned it two or three times the blood would not go away. However much she washed it, and even scoured it with sand and pumice, the blood stayed on it; it was a magic key, and there was no way of cleaning it completely: when the blood was removed from one side, it came back on the other. Blue Beard found out the poor wife have tried to get into his private room. Now he is going to kill her!
[[give me some time to say my prayers to God.]] [[Give Up]]
As soon as she was alone, she called to her sister and said: ‘Sister Anne’ (for that was her name), ‘go up to the top of the tower, I beg you, to see if my brothers are coming, for they promised to come today; and if you can see them, make them a signal to hurry.’ two horsemen came in; they drew their swords and ran straight at Bluebeard. He recognized them for his wife’s brothers: one was a dragoon guard, the other a musketeer;* immediately he ran to escape, but the two brothers went after him so fast that they caught him before he could get out of the front door. They cut him open with their swords, and left him dead. His poor wife was almost as dead as her husband, without even enough strength to get up and embrace her two brothers. It turned out that Bluebeard had no heirs, so that his wife became the mistress of all his riches. She used some to marry her sister Anne to a young gentleman who had loved her for years; some she used to buy captains’ commissions for her two broth- ers; and the remainder, to marry herself to a man of true worth, with whom she forgot all about the bad time she had had with Bluebeard.
Then they went up to the store-rooms,* and words failed them when they saw how many beautiful things there were, tapestries, beds, sofas, armchairs, side-tables, dining-tables, and mirrors so tall that you could see yourself from head to foot, some with frames of glass, some of silver, and some of silver-gilt, which were the most beautiful and splendid that they had ever seen.
There are many amazing funitures and beautiful dinner set. Different delicious foods attrack people's eyes.
Blue Beard is satisfying with his wife and they live for a happy life.
Blue Beard is satisfying with his wife and they live for a happy life.
Heroine was killed by Blue Beard. Blue Beard has one more vanishies wife.
You refuse to marry to Blue Beard, then Blue Beard begins to find another girl who would like to marry him.