Course Description/Syllabus

In preparation for Senior Project and for design practice beyond the university, students will undertake a “client” project that incorporates several aspects of visual communication and allows students to develop their own methodology. Students will research various design practices and methodologies, then apply those ideas and methods of design to client content. Students will ultimately develop their own methodology which will be used to produce a complete set of materials, including image making, typography, brand identity (logo, type and color palates, collateral), editorial design, and a format of student’s own choice.


All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the day specified. 2-d work will be pinned up on the wall before the start of class. 3-d work will be laid out on the table before the start of class. Digital work will be loaded on the computer before the start of class. Late projects and assignments will be penalized by one letter grade per day they are late.

Late projects will be automatically marked down one letter grade.

Late projects will only be accepted within one week of due date.




Required Text
Potter, Norman, What is a designer, things, places, messages (Hyphen Press, UK: 1969-2002)