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Names on the Border

Every year, hundreds of Mexican migrants try to cross the US/Mexican border by hiking through vast ranchlands and deserts in order to circumvent the border patrol stationed along major roads. Many of the migrants perish from exposure or injury, often without identification. The families whose loved ones are missing live in pain for the rest of their lives. Based on this issue, my project strives to help those families in some pragmatic ways.

The project consists of a series of bilingual posters and a mobile application designed for “I Have a Name”, an online database created by Texas Observer for families to identify their loved ones who perished in Texas after crossing the border. The goal of the project is to get the database to reach a broader audience in Mexico and ultimately help more people to identify their family members who disappeared while crossing the border.

The posters are double-sided, printed on newsprint paper. The front side shows thumbnail images of some of the missing person’s belongings, and the backside contains key information about the “I Have a Name” database such as website address and contacts. The posters are designed to be distributed in two ways. The posters can be simply stuck to the walls and poles on the street, or they can be folded into a letter-size booklet and stacked on tables in public places. These can be made available at hospitals, clinics, and markets where many people can easily access this information. With the instructions on the poster, those who have smartphones but not computers can download the mobile app, which is an easier way to access the database.

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