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Final Project – VIVIR

The main idea for this project was to form an organization that focuses on refugee resettlement in Mexico. The organization will center their efforts on outreach, preventative care, and utilize Co-op farming practices in order to create a sustainable system for the people in need of help, as well as a support system for the organization itself. The organization will fight to reclaim maize for the Mexican people through politics and in practice. It will practice organic farming techniques and challenge large agriculture companies’ use of all genetically modified organisms. Additional funds that are invested in the organization will also be used to team up with other Anti-GMO organizations, as well as science communities who focus on saving the Monarch butterfly.

The Vivir organization strives to make people’s lives livable. In developing lands of Mexico many small villages have been put in jeopardy due to climate change and big business practices. Vivir focuses on finding refugees in order to help them resettle their abandoned lands and homes. Through co-op farming strategies, Vivir seeks to ensure that these people have the resources to continue to live their lives as they always have; by living off their land.

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