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Final Project

Breaking Apart is a set of ceramic plates, design and poster. The work is contemplation on the issue of how the conflicts at the Mexican-American border are affecting the people and the land in negative ways.

The issue of Mexican migration and the expansion of Monsanto’s genetically modified(GMO) corn strain is killing the brilliant native Mexican maize species and millenia of Maize culture and heritage. In the near future Monsanto’s GMO corn will be the only kind left and the biodiversity of the border area and much of the North American landscape will be greatly diminished.

With this piece I want people to consider the Mexican people as disappearing alongside native Mexican maize biodiversity. The United States government and the border are scapegoating Latin Americans, blocking migration, throwing people into private prisons, and killing migrants. The difference in our appearance is the result of only 0.1% variation in genetic code. This has been used as a justification for all manners of discriminations and atrocities. Today we can hardly avoid GMO corns; today discrimination continues; today we have to know about this crucial reality in the border and today we need to do something to prevent further disaster.



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