1. Go to http://classes.dma.ucla.edu/Fall17/173/wp-admin/

2. Your username will be your preferred first and last name(ex. gialiu, harryseo, sofiastaabgulbenkian), password is DESMA173! you can change your password if you wish on your account page.

3. To upload your projects go to Posts->Add New

4. In the Post Title put the relevant presentation title for example “Research Presentation 2”

5. Go to the Categories window in the bottom right and check off “Projects” and the relevant project, ie “Research Project 2”

6. Click the Add Media button below the title box.

7. IMPORTANT: On the left list click “Create Gallery”, this defaults to “Insert Media” which will not allow you to view your presentations at full size. 

8. Click the Upload Files tab

9. Upload the files of your presentation as jpgs. You can either export them as jpgs from the program you used to make the presentation or break up the pdf using an online converter like https://www.freepdfconvert.com/pdf-jpg or Adobe Acrobat.

10. Click Create New Gallery

11. Check the order of your presentation and click and drag images if they are out of order.

12. Click Insert Gallery

13. Click Publish