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This page is updated with resources and references relevant to recent projects and assignments.


In-class Presentation on Interactive / Performative Object

WEEK 5, 6, and 7

PDF of Presentation on Weds OCt 25 - artist inspiration / UV mapping for sewing patterns

Software for possible surface construction:

Pepakura - on DMA PCs - or here: pepakura

Yuki Mori and Takeo Igarashi pattern software (SIGGRAPH 2007) -
Interactive Plushie Design or HERE

SLICER for Fusion 360's Folded Panels construction technique

Maya UV editor or Face extraction

Blender - UV mapping, creating your own seams (what we covered Weds. in class)
See presentation above (1st line week 5)

Jenny Cheng’s “Patternfly” python code for creating newly unwrapped UVs based on seams optimized for sewing patterns (transformation matrix to remap the texture image onto the new UV): Patternfly on github

Robust Algorithm for angle based flattening (ABF++) – 2005: ABF++ paper

The Image Object Post Internet - Artie Vierkant reading


Great resource for using SLICER for Fusion 360's Folded Panels construction technique

WEEK 2 and 3

Project 1 Inspiration

Vessel Receptacle Project Inspo Presentation

Maya Tutorial links

Access Lynda through UCLA: https://oit.ucla.edu/lynda-com
Search for "Maya 2018 Essential Training" or find it here: Maya 2018 Essential Training
Maya User Guide
Autodesk lecture on Maya Embedded Language and Python (for scripting)

Materials / Supplies

ALL hardware stores and thrift stores!

Check out the fab lab vendor site here

Blick Art Materials
11531 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA – (310) 479-1416

Michael’s Arts /Crafts – craft, hobby art supplies
1427 4th St, Santa Monica, CA – (310) 393-9634

SCI-Arc Supply Store – art, architecture supplies
811 Traction Ave # 1A, Los Angeles, CA – (213) 687-0854

Urethane and Sculpting Foam
FoamMart – small selection of urethane foam, but close to UCLA.
4913 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

All Electronics -- I would go in person!



Illustrator (adobe)
Maya (autodesk) - free for students
SLICER for Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free
Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free for students
Photoshop (adobe)
Blender - free
Rhinoceros - NOT FREE, pc only
Pepakura - free (3D models to paper models, PC only)


Tinkercad - fundamentals of CAD, browser-based design environment
Turbosquid - 3D models, great for animation (please don't rely on this for all your models, you will actually be making more work for yourself!)
Thingiverse - 3D models, best for 3D printing (again, don't rely on this - but great for tested experiments)
Instructables - Laser cutting flexible curves
DMA Laser Cutter Service
Preparing a File for the Laser Cutter

Useful Illustrator lessons on Lynda:
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing with the Line Tool
Image Tracing can convert a raster image -- for instance try a scanned handmade drawing or photograph -- into traced vector image
Selction / Direct Selection Tools
Illustrator CC 2017 Essential Training