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This page is updated with resources and references relevant to recent projects and assignments.

WEEK 2 and 3

Project 1 Inspiration

Vessel Receptacle Project Inspo Presentation

Maya Tutorial links

Access Lynda through UCLA: https://oit.ucla.edu/lynda-com
Search for "Maya 2018 Essential Training" or find it here: Maya 2018 Essential Training
Maya User Guide
Autodesk lecture on Maya Embedded Language and Python (for scripting)

Materials / Supplies

ALL hardware stores and thrift stores!

Check out the fab lab vendor site here

Blick Art Materials
11531 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA – (310) 479-1416

Michael’s Arts /Crafts – craft, hobby art supplies
1427 4th St, Santa Monica, CA – (310) 393-9634

SCI-Arc Supply Store – art, architecture supplies
811 Traction Ave # 1A, Los Angeles, CA – (213) 687-0854

Urethane and Sculpting Foam
FoamMart – small selection of urethane foam, but close to UCLA.
4913 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

All Electronics -- I would go in person!



Illustrator (adobe)
Maya (autodesk) - free for students
SLICER for Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free
Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free for students
Photoshop (adobe)
Blender - free
Rhinoceros - NOT FREE, pc only
Pepakura - free (3D models to paper models, PC only)


Tinkercad - fundamentals of CAD, browser-based design environment
Turbosquid - 3D models, great for animation (please don't rely on this for all your models, you will actually be making more work for yourself!)
Thingiverse - 3D models, best for 3D printing (again, don't rely on this - but great for tested experiments)
Instructables - Laser cutting flexible curves
DMA Laser Cutter Service
Preparing a File for the Laser Cutter

Useful Illustrator lessons on Lynda:
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing with the Line Tool
Image Tracing can convert a raster image -- for instance try a scanned handmade drawing or photograph -- into traced vector image
Selction / Direct Selection Tools
Illustrator CC 2017 Essential Training