DMA403 (Grad Crit)


Each person will have one roughly hour-long crit of finished work during the quarter. We will begin promptly at 5:15pm.

By Friday of the week before your crit, you must send the following to Missing this deadline will result in cancellation of your crit!

  1. a completed copy of the crit form
  2. any prep materials identified in the crit form

The grad gallery and EDA space are reserved for your use on the day of your crit. Installation or deinstallation outside of this date must be coordinated with EDA staff, and may or may not be possible.

You may invite guest critics to your review. You should make them aware that they will only be present for your review (not the other ones on the same day) unless agreed upon by the other students sharing your day. You should send them a copy of the crit form and materials as well.