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This page is updated with resources and references relevant to recent projects and assignments.

CNC Routing

Guide to CNC bits
Instructables class on CNC

Curved Surfaces References

curved surfaces project lecture PDF
The Difference between Polygons and Nurbs
cosplay patterning foam instructable
Soft foam puppets
Tested: Adam Savage foam construction (GO TO 18:00 - 25:00)
List of Globe Projections
Free pattern downloads
Paper craft 3D Unfortunately windows only

WEEK 0 / 1


Excerpts from Woodworkers Visual Hand book:

Maya Lin, Making the Memorial


Lynda download for UCLA students
Illustrator (adobe)
Maya (autodesk) - free for students
SLICER for Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free
Fusion 360 (autodesk) - free for students
Photoshop (adobe)
Blender - free
Rhinoceros - NOT FREE, pc only
Pepakura - free (3D models to paper models, PC only)


Tinkercad - fundamentals of CAD, browser-based design environment
MakerCase - Laser cutter box patterns
Gear Generator - Generate gears!
Turbosquid - 3D models, great for animation (please don't rely on this for all your models, you will actually be making more work for yourself!)
Thingiverse - 3D models, best for 3D printing (again, don't rely on this - but great for tested experiments)
Instructables - Laser cutting flexible curves
DMA Laser Cutter Service
Preparing a File for the Laser Cutter

Useful Illustrator lessons on Lynda:
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing with the Line Tool
Image Tracing can convert a raster image -- for instance try a scanned handmade drawing or photograph -- into traced vector image
Selction / Direct Selection Tools
Illustrator CC 2017 Essential Training



Andrea Zittel
Misaki Kawai
Stephanie Syjuco
Donald Judd
Sol Le Witt
Maya Lin
Kara Walker
Jeff Koons
Buckminster Fuller
Chakaia Booker
Ann Hamilton
Liz Larner
Paul McCarthy
Niki de Saint Phalle
Mika Rottenberg
Rudolf von Laban
Isa Genzken
Jason Rhoades
James Turrell
Doris Salcedo
Mona Hatoum
Adrián Villar Rojas
Nina Katchadourian
Tom Sachs
Richard Serra
Dan Graham
Jenny Holzer
Robert Smithson
Richard Jackson
Vanessa German
Pierre Huyghe
Aram Bartholl
Tristen Lowe
Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller
Robert Lazzarini
Pat Olesko
E.V. Day
Senga Nengudi
Nick Cave
Simone Leigh
Christopher Dresser
George Brecht
Lauren Halsey
Sarah Sze
Barbara Bloom
Oliver Laric
Louise Bourgeois
Alan Kaprow
Selma Burke
Michel Duchamp
Eva Hesse
Rachel Whiteread
Mike Kelley
Nam Jun Paik
Harriet Powers
Carrie Mae Weems
Jessica Stockholder
Simon Starling
Rachel Harrison
Roman Signer
Haas Brothers
Future Farmers
Gelitin (collective)
Allora and Calzadilla
Cohen / Van Balen
Cosima von Bonin