DMA 171: Topics In Interactivity And Games: Compressed Cinema - Fall 2019


Topics In Interactivity And Games: Compressed Cinema


Casey Reas


Dalena Tran


Exploration of time-based media as new forms, synthesizing histories of creative coding, gaming, cinema, avant-garde film, and experimental video. Study and discussion of texts and time-based media that first constructed by instructor, then augmented as group. Each student creates self-defined compressed cinema work for screening to class. Through last half of 20th century, cinema moved from single-screen presentation to multiple-screen installation through shift in architecture and technologies that moved from film to video to digital media. Compressed cinema is return to apparatus of theater. It is post-analog approach to time-based images where animation, video, code, and photography are integrated, rather than separated, media. It is also approach to mass media with priority to distribute work in accessible way.
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