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Reuse! | Assignment 2 Part 1

Mission Statement:
Reuse! is an organization aimed at establishing systems of reusable containers and utensils as a means of reducing package waste. We work to implement this structure mainly through collaboration with local restaurants, spreading awareness, and distribution of eco friendly reusables to the public.


Assignment 2 Round 1, W. Wiggins

Movement Name:
Our Water is Critical

Mission Statement:
Our Water is Critical is a protest movement that asserts that waterways
and ecosystems are critical infrastructure to the human and animal
populations that depend on them. The organization supports direct
action to raise awareness about water issues and laws that restrict
protest speech, and operates a legal fund to protect individuals and
organizations who are prosecuted under these laws, while working to
overturn the laws themselves

Assignment 2 Round 1 Poster

Project Point is a radical grassroots movement paving the way for unscrupulous urinators to get the medical care they need — genitalia augmentation for the perfect laminar flow pee stream. Through research and development, public fundraising, and community advocacy, we combat stigma and empower individuals with life-saving resources for a safer and cleaner future.

[ROUND 01_THE MESSAGE ] The Power of You: Mindfulness

+ Movement name

 The Power of You: Mindfulness

+ Mission Statement

 The Power of You: Mindfulness’s mission is to promote mindful awareness and encourage people’s mindfulness to support well-being giving inspiration and information through visual arts. Happiness, non judgmental and respectful life, kindness, etc. People can have all these in their daily life, and fill their life with good habits which will lead to making a better life.

Be Aware Your Present Moment
Accept Your Present Moment
Choose Your Present Moment