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Assignment 2 – Hua Chai

Work To Die

Mission statement:
As capitalism propels us towards a culture of overwork and a world unfit for habitation, we want to confront the conventional notions of productivity by questioning what it really means to work to live.

Campaign Posters

Small Touchpoint 1: Button Badge

Small Touchpoint 2: Breath Bill

Small Touchpoint 3: Temporary Tattoos

Medium Touchpoint 1: T-shirt

Medium Touchpoint 2: Face Mask

Large Touchpoint: Pop-up Store + Warehouse Experience

Extra Large Touchpoint: Sticker Demo
@ Amazon HQ, Seattle, WA


Assignment 2 Round 1 Poster

Project Point is a radical grassroots movement paving the way for unscrupulous urinators to get the medical care they need — genitalia augmentation for the perfect laminar flow pee stream. Through research and development, public fundraising, and community advocacy, we combat stigma and empower individuals with life-saving resources for a safer and cleaner future.