Slide decks (in pdf) available on our cloud here: https://cloud.dma.ucla.edu/index.php/f/114739 (or in Public > Lectures). High resolution and source files upon request.

(1) Thursday, October 1st 2020: Introductory Lecture.

(2) Tuesday, October 6th 2020: When the Physical/Digital Gap Grew Wider (2006-2010).

(3) Thursday, October 8th 2020: Keynote lecture by Sharon Mustri, analyst, BloombergNEF

(4) Tuesday, October 13th 2020: Keynote lecture by Jean-François Blanchette, Associate Professor and Chair, Information Studies Department, UCLA

(5) Thursday, October 15th 2020: Keynote lecture by David Nuñez, Director of Technology & Digital Strategy, MIT Museum

(6) Tuesday, October 22nd 2020; Keynote lecture by Yvonne Lee (Head of Collection Information and Digital Assets): Data Curation at LACMA