This is a page you should refer to for inspiration. I will continue to add resources as the quarter progresses.

• Accurat: an Italian data visualization, design, research, and innovation studio, see their Flickr page: and their website:

• AI Now Institute: an interdisciplinary research center (at NYU) dedicated to understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence,

• Atelier Cartographique: a research lab hosted at SciencePo (Paris) that produces lots of interesting visualizations and maps. See their portfolio here (in French only):

• Anatomy of an AI: their essay is part of the course reader. In any case, it is worth exploring their work:

• Chartable (a blog created by the Datawrapper team). a specific post about Edward Tufte’s books They also maintain a Book Club under the following category:

• Database design and Aesthetics: a transdisciplinary class that was cross-listed in Information Studies, Design Media Arts and Statistics and taught in Spring 2007:

• Data Matter: a collection of research material gathered by OMA (Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Sander Manse, Massimo Tenan) and includes selected works by students participating in “ADS8. Data Matter: Digital Networks, Data Centers and Post-Human Institutions” led by Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and Marina Otero Verzier with Kamil Dalkir at the Royal College of Arts in London. See below the attached PDF.

• Share Lab: check out their fascinating collection of essays at the intersection of data visualizations, politics and sociology. They collaborated with Kate Crawford around The Anatomy of an AI project (i.e.,