DESMA 25-2 Typography, Fall 2020
M / W, 2:00–4:50 PM
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Visiting Faculty: Carolina Trigo
Teaching Assistant: Isaac Ruder

Omar Ababneh
Sunaina Bose
Sabrina Chang
Ha Duong
Arin Fazio
Jennifer Hotes
Yinjie Huang
Alexander Hwang
Patton Janssen
Eleanor Kinsella
Delaney Kough
Elizabeth Li
Vincent Peng
Ivan Skelding
Jessica Till
Matthew Tjokro
Charles Tran

Discovering typography and exploring it by following a step-by-step process of studying composition complexities. Being able to make clear choices and visualizing the process as a final presentation in a publication. Understanding typography, its legibility and qualities, moving from a FORMAL approach to an EXPRESSIVE approach. Learning to work with Adobe InDesign, in combination with other Adobe software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. At the end of the course the student should have a working knowledge of the software and have gained basic knowledge about letter forms and the use of typography; being able to set up a grid, understand textual structure, visual editing and the aesthetics of typography, as well as the ability to craft relationships between content and form.

The class will include written assignments, typographic-based design assignments, and a type history research project. The typographic exercises will progress from simple to more complex. Class time will be used to critique students’ work, research presentations (including typography and type history lectures), software demonstrations, and process workshops on book typography, printing, design, and other practical exercises.

Students are to demonstrate their grasp of the material taught through their design assignments, research and writing.