DESMA 160 Typography and Print
Professor Gail Swanlund
T.A. Kim Hager

Class Email List
The Things They Carried
by Tim O'Brien


Tuesday April 2
Intro & Welcome.
Project 1 : Typographic Odor Project
Homework for Thursday:
1) Finish odor project. Off-screen, hand-drawn.

Thursday April 4
Odor project presentation.
Project 2 : Book project
Design and produce a book with two concurrent texts and a running image narrative. Design format, typography, images, binding. Articulate and record your methodology for this process and create a design-process book to accompany this project.
Homework for Tuesday:
1) Read excerpt from Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried.
2) Select an accompanying text that will run concurrently in the book. Bring text to class and upload to server for class access.
3) Find and make a copy of ten typefaces that could be used for this project. Be prepared to discuss your selections: typeface designer, historical notes, anatomy, classification, connotations (current and past). See typographic links on website.

Tuesday April 9
Present accompanying essay and typefaces
Homework for Tuesday:
1) Begin collecting ideas and images.
Create 11 x 17 pages with images, ephemera, etc. arranged and taped on.
2) Brainstorm.

Thursday April 11
Field trip
Tuesday Apr 23

All-class discussion
Present ideation boards. Be prepared to give ten minute presentation of your materials.
Homework for Thursday:
1) Collect and trace grids from ten books and magazines.
2) Order swatch books from paper company.
Thursday April 25
Individual class meetings
Software demos, individual discussions of format and grids.
Tuesday April 30
Gail absent
Work on layouts or go to the Hammer museum
Homework for Tuesday:
1) Create ten layouts showing possible design directions.
Thursday May 2
Group in-class meeting
Discussion of layouts in groups.
Homework for Tuesday:
1) Ten layouts.
2) Order paper mock-up for book from papercompany. Select paper. 80 # (pound) text,
white paper (specify your choice:coated or uncoated) 80 # cover weight cover
Tuesday May 7
All-class discussion
Pin up ten layouts.
Thursday May 9
Discussion and presentation of binding options and styles. Paper tech. Contrast and Hierarchies.In-class meetings.
Tuesday May 14
Critique, all-class.Concentration of form and intent.
Thursday May 16
Homework for Tuesday:
Articulate and record your methodology. Write out a description of your methodology used for designing this book: steps you took to gather materials, conceptualize, make visual. What is the process for refining the typography and the design? Design this artifact.
Don't forget to design a title page!
Tuesday May 21
Book project. In-class meetings. Discussion of mock-ups. Discussion of individual methodologies. Discussion of favorite artists (bring example).
Finesse typography. Examine system for book, look closely at hierarchies and typographic contrast.
Homework for next Thursday: Look ahead to next Tuesday’s project description. Begin project.
Thursday May 23
Project 2 : Final critique Book Project (project is due May 28)
Homework for Tuesday: Look ahead to next Tuesday’s project description. Begin project.
Tuesday May 28
Book Project Due
Project 3 : Business card/Identity Project
Phase 1
1) Write a story about yourself.
It can be brief. Read in class on Tuesday.
Imagine various personas for yourself. These need not be entirely realistic or 100% true, but definitely have something to do with you. Who are you? Who would you like to be? What would you like to do? Include one design persona: who are you in that respect?
Decide what info that needs to be on the card: name, e-mail address, company name, title, address, phone? All of the above? In every case/persona/situation?
2) Create/collect visual images that reflect and respond to these fictions about yourself. Present in some organized and overwhelmingly voluminous, well-researched manner. Please spend some time thinking, collecting, making. This phase doesn’t have to be to size.
Thursday May 30
All-class discussion
Present first designs for card.
Homework for Tuesday:
1) Finish business card design.
2) Design resume to accompany business card design.
Tuesday June 4
Final critique Business cards/Identity.
Thursday June 6
Project 3 : Business cards/Identity due

Paper Sample Houses:
Xpedx 800 222-5475
Unisource 213 725-3700
Spicers (French) 800 774-2377
Nationwide 800 835-5469
Ingrahm 800 4464726
Xpedx and Kelly have several self serve paper stores throughout LosAngeles.
Check yellow pages for store closest to you.
(above numbers are for requesting paper sample books and dummies).


Rick Valicenti
Hoefler type Foundry
Carlos Segura
House Industries
Font Bureau
Typeface finder:


the Herb Lubalin Study center
general site about type:


Respectable type/design associations:

The Clark Library (UCLA's own! off campus) has some of the most amazing
ancient and rare books in the reading world.

A type journal for the International Type Corporation, started by HerbLubalin:

Writing on type and design:
Max Bruinsma, editor of Eye magazine

Meike Gerritzen
the random twins, Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum
Durfee Regn Sandhaus
Geoff Kaplan
Imaginary Forces
Charles and Ray Eames
Erik Speikermann / Meta design