The Plan
May 12th, 2009 by chandler

As we approach the end of the quarter, I wanted to put together a detailed list of next steps to help us get form here to there. I’ve listed a few items that everyone should put together, and dates that they need to be completed by.

Tuesday May, 12

Small document which includes a detailed description of your instrument. This document should contain:
1) General description of the idea, what interface(s) you are using, what kind of sound you expect it to make.
2) Which “section” of the orchestra you are in?
3) How input-in is mapped to sound. including: What are the specific input values the app is receiving? How are these values interpreted to create a sound? How are the qualities of sound controlled?
4) How does your instrument facilitate the playing sounds for your section?
5) Examples of how the player can react to messages from the conductor, discuss each of the Axes seen in the <a href=”">diagram</a>?
6) If an onscreen interface is a large part of your instrument, include sketches of the interface.

Much of this document can read as a short tutorial on how to use your instrument i.e. “To make a higher sound, do X.”, “To behave more randomly, do Y”, etc.

Tuesday, May 12
Have finished a working app that:
a) connects to your interface device and provides the input described in your document,
b) triggers sound using ChucK (or your sound generator of choice)

Thursday, May 14
Work in class

Tuesday May, 19
First working prototype of the instrument due, should be ready to show in class. Everyone will have a chance to play your instrument and things will work pretty much as expected. At this point, the sound creation may not be exactly what you want, you’ll need to each spend some time crafting ChucK (etc) to do what you want, but for now, playability is the key!

In this class we’ll start discussing how we’ll all play together and introduce the hand motions necessary to conduct. And begin to practice.

Thursday May, 21
Work in class on getting better sounds from the instruments if needed, work on bugs, and another practice.

Tuesday May, 26, Thursday May, 28
More practice in class, bugs fixes and further tuning.

Tuesday June, 2, Thursday June, 4
Practice, practice, practice. and the show!

Instrument Requirements

Guidelines for Musical Instruments
May 12th, 2009 by Mary


Here are the things we went over in class, including that chart to help design our instruments.

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