Important Submission Info

Hi all,
If you have any technical difficulties with the website, we will accept a CD of all the data you intend to upload, to show that you have done it on-time.  If you want to use this option, email me ASAP (shawnsin  ‘at’, and I will arrange when to meet you before tonight midnight.  [...]

Gaming 2 157B Spring 2009 Final Projects

Gaming 2 157B Spring 2009 Final Projects
Important Dates:
Final presentations in class:
WEDNESDAY June 10th. 2-5pm
Final web documentation due 12 midnight !! on
MONDAY June 15th. 2-5pm
157A Final Projects What to Post:
1. Team name
2. Team members and detailed roles and what everyone contributed
3. Game name
4. Game Description and Instructions
5. Original Design Doc PDF
6. Process documentation – [...]

DEITI II Documentation

DEITI II is a puzzle game built with Unity 3D engine. Each deity (wrathful deities we have) have destructive powers that are depicted via tattoos on their head. Their anger manifests itself in their explosiveness,  they would destroy themselves and other deities with no hesitation. The goal is to explode all the deities at once, [...]

Sheisty Squid Final

1. Go Go Team Gadget! (Sheisty Squid)
2. Erik Carlson – Scripting/Game Mechanics
Monica Harvancik – 2D Art Assets
Max Chang – Level Designer
3. The player controls a squid which needs to eat “enemies” to fill up its poop meter. The player needs to poop in order to jump up, but must use it sparingly because the player [...]

Pinball 3D – Game Review

1. Team Name: Trackonaut 
2. Team Member: Bryan McClanahan – I did everything!  From code design to cutting wood. (Special thanks to Emerson and Graduate David for code execution help!)
3. Game Name: Pinball 3D
4. Game Description and Instructions:
The game is a pinball-like machine that recembles the shape of a skatepark or in ‘3D’ terms, an extruded [...]

Rhythm Fighter

1. Game Name & Team:
Rhythm Fighter by George & James & Brandon
2. Team Members and Detailed Roles:
George Brower:
Roles: Programmer, Game Designer, Creative Director, Animator
Responsible for: Game engine development, gameplay design, animations, music composition
James Turner:
Roles: Programmer, Game Designer
Responsible for: Game engine development, gameplay design
Brandon Chau:
Roles: Illustrator, Animator
Responsible for: Concept art, Animations, Character design
3. Game Description and [...]

Spin Me Right Round

1. Spin Me Right Round by Emerson Taymor
2. The team was just me!
3. Spin Me Right Round is a puzzle/maze game where you need to navigate a ball bearing through the course to the finish line. This game consists of a 3 x 3 matrix [...]

30XX documentation part 2

The documentation is also available as an image archive (.zip) for convenience but is also posted here to meet certain class requirements. Archived format is available here

30xx documentation
files: (documentation, 45 image slides) (final game, mac executable)
design_and_managementdoc.pdf (design document and management document) (older version of game, windows executable)
Additional links: (volcano game) (final game, windows)
Team Members:
Peter Lu – design, sketches, level design, concept design, modelling, programming, prototyping, interface.
Gautam Rangan – design, art, sketches, modelling, texturing, level design, programming, particle effects, interface.
Mubbasir Kapadia – design, [...]


1. Team name, Game name
2. Team members and detailed roles and what everyone contributed
Richard Caceres
Richard’s main role was to develop the technical aspect of the game. At the beginning of the quarter, our team knew we wanted to make a game where voice was the main input device. Richard researched and tried many different [...]

Fast Math

Fast Math
Nicole Roach: designer, programmer, illustrator

Fast Math is a mathematics game. It is a fast-paced, fun way to practice arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry. The game is made up of randomized mini-games that last five seconds each. The player uses an Xbox controller; the joystick controls all motion and the A button executes. That’s all there [...]

DEREK HEATH presents – Comparative Game Review!

Mario v. Sonic v. Braid.
Let the games begin!