Proseminar : UCLA D|MA 180 : Spring07

Professor: Vasa Mihich, TA: Sue Huang


Proseminar : UCLA D|MA 180 : Spring07
Course: Proseminar
Professor: Vasa Mihich (vasa -at- ucla -dot- edu)
TA: Sue Huang (huangs -at- ucla -dot- edu)

Time: TTh 2:00 pm – 4:50 pm
Location: Broad 5240
Class website:



The main topic of the class with be the development and preparation of materials towards a book. The subject of the book is a response to five paintings (selected by the individual student) by Pieter Bruegel. The book itself is not about Bruegel, but rather about the student's response to Bruegel.

The project will consist of three main stages: 1) proposal, 2) design process, 3) printing

Upon completion of the design process, the book will be printed at the department facilities, and then taken outside of the university to be professionally bound. Each student will be expected to produce a book of their own design, which fulfills the previously stated requirements. Each student should expect to spend approximately $60 towards the binding costs of the book.

Proseminar 180 will meet twice a week. Tuesdays are allocated for group meeting and discussion; Thursdays will be reserved for individually scheduled meetings with Professor Vasa and Sue Huang, T.A. for this course.


Yellow indicates class held in 4th floor labs.

* Deliverables should be prepared according to the specifications indicated on the Projects page. Documents will be mailed directly to the binder for the binding process and received back prior to the last class of the quarter.