A simple player controller that you guys can use

Hi All,

A Unity package with some helper scripts can be found <here>.

The following functionality is provided:

A] PlayerPrefab - The player prefab has all the basic player functionality.

1. PlatformerController.js : This script is used to control the player. It has functionality for constrained movement in X and Y plane, jumping as well as functionality for specifying a spawn position.

3. ShootAction.js : This script is used to shoot a projectile (example of special action)

B] Level Attributes Prefab - This prefab can be used to define the limits of the world. 

C] Camera - The camera functionality for a simple side scroller.

1. CameraScrolling.js : This script is used to control the movement of the camera as it follows a target object

2. CameraTargetAttributes.js : This script is attached to the object that the camera tracks (a player) and is used to initialize the parameters of the camera scroll script.

There is a scene “SimpleScene” which has a simple demo that uses the above mentioned functionality.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope you guys find it useful !!

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